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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  February 13, 2012 3:00am-4:00am PST

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♪ because the greatest this morning on "world news now," remembering an icon. the grammys salute whitney houston with a moving tribute. >> plus the latest on the investigation into her death. why the coroner says it could be weeks before they know how she died. it's monday february 13th. what a sad weekend it was. good morning, everyone. i'm rob nelson. >> and i'm paula faris. it was a bittersweet grammy awards ceremony in los angeles last night. we're going to have all the highlights from the show ahead. but first, here's what we know right now. >> the latest headlines in this. at a news conference just last
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night the l.a. medical examiner confirmed that whitney houston died in her hotel room bathtub but still could be six to eight weeks before those all-important toxicology reports finally get back and get released. >> and then houston's daughter, her only child, bobbi kristina, has been released from the hospital where she was treated for anxiety. there are reports this morning her family fears she's suicidal. >> you can only imagine what that little girl is going through to lose her mom at such a young age and so publicly. meanwhile, whitney's ex-husband, of course, bobby brown, he has just arrived in los angeles to be with his daughter, bobbi kristina p. this is actually video of bobby at l.a.x. he did issue a statement to "extra" saying, "obviously the death of her mother is affecting her," referring to his daughter. "however, we will get through this tragedy as a family." and any kind of loss on a family like this is tough, but when you do it with the world watching to me it just makes it that much worse.
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and over the next couple of days what that family's going to go through is just hard to imagine. particularly for her daughter. >> yeah, for her daughter, who's at such a pivotal age to lose her mom. it's incomprehensible to really wrap your mind around that. >> and to lose her in that way so, publicly. so much to cover this morning. as you can imagine, the tributes to whitney houston pouring in as the music world gathered last night for the grammys out in los angeles. >> we may learn more about the singer's death today from the beverly hills police, but it will depend on whether detectives feel comfortable releasing any more information. our coverage begins this morning with abc's dianalve >> reporter: rob and paula, good morning. you know, the grammys are all about the music industry celebrating its best. and that's exactly what happened last night. spirit as star after star too the stage to honor her life a legacy. on a night the music industry honors its biggest stars,
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sadness tinged the celebration. >> there is no way around this. we've had a death in our family. >> reporter: the grammys opened with a prayer for whitney houston. >> and to have her lasting legacy of music to cherish and share forever. >> reporter: her legacy was honored throughout the show. >> i just want to say to whitney up in heaven, we all love you, whitney houston. >> reporter: one of her biggest fans, jennifer hudson, singing houston's biggest hit in tribute to her idol. ♪ and i ♪ will always love you as the show began, the los angeles coroner announced houston's autopsy was complete but it may be several weeks before they determine what killed her. >> the cause of death is deferred pending toxicology and further testing. >> reporter: houston's death was too much for her only daughter. bobbi kristina was taken to the hospital sunday and treated for stress and anxiety. she'd been at her mother's side at a grammy party for what no one could have predicted would be houston's last time singing
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on stage during an impromptu duet with grammy nominee kelly price. houston exited the stage to applause, taking her final bow. and abc news has confirmed houston's ex-husband, bobby brown-s on his way back to l.a. to support their grieving daughter. rob, paula? >> and as we said at the top of the show, bobby brown is now in los angeles to be with his daughter. he actually was on tour, a reunion tour with new edition. they were in mississippi when he found out the news, and they were doing a show in nashville sunday night. and they paid tribute to them on stage that night, but bobby, as he should be, is now back with his daughter. and if you doubt the ym pact this story is having, as we see pasn"i s lo you" currently number 1 single on the itunes singles chart. whitney greatest hits the number one album. the bodyguard album currently number nine on the album charts. people showing of this lore by gobbling ungz. >> sometimes you ne just the impact that somebody had on your life until they're gone. the most awarded artist in history.
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you just wonder who's going to carry that flame. you heard jennifer hudson tonight -- >> let me tell you, jennifer proved last night if there is an heir apparent to whitney houston it is jennifer hudson. she nailed it last night. it was a proving tribute. >> she got choked up, too. >> she felt it. >> i think all of us had chills when she sang that song. >> of course we'll have a lot more whitney houston coming up in that half hour as well. we'll turn now to some other news on this morning beginning overseas in greece where lawmakers have approved a package of some pretty deep economic cuts but as that vote neared more than 100,000 angry protesters marched on parliament, some clashing with police, some looting, even some setting buildings on fire there. more than 100 people were injured in all this. the budget cuts are aiming to keep greece from going bankrupt and taking the global economy right down with it. and markets in asia opened just hours after that vote. so far investors there seem to be responding pretty positively. but they are also looking ahead to the next hurdle in all the of this. european finance ministers meet wednesday to discuss the next outlay of cash to prop up the greek economy. the president travels to virginia today to outline the budget he will send to congress.
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it's expected to call for reducing the deficit by $4 trillion over the next decade but also projects a $1.3 trillion deficit for this year. the president plans to cut medicare and medicaid by $360 billion and eliminate the bush tax cuts for the wealthy as well. he's proposing $475 billion for infrastructure projects and another 350 billion to create jobs and stimulate the economy. i know we just threw a lot of numbers at you. the president is still facing criticism, however, over the mandate to pay for birth control. the controversy poured into the pews this sunday after he proposed a compromise that would require insurance companies to pay, taking the church out of the mix. and republican lawmakers are vowing to overturn the requirement. >> we didn't expect that there would be universal support, but we do think this is the right way to go and it's a plan we're going to proceed with. >> if this is what the
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president's willing to do in a tough election year, imagine what he will do in implementing the rest of his health care law after an election. >> and the theme was picked up on the republican campaign trail as well where rick santorum, who is catholic, said there could be no compromise on the issue. victims of the "costa concordia" disaster are being remembered today, exactly one month after that ship sank. 15 people including a couple from minnesota are still missing and of course presumed dead. 17 bodies have been recovered. over the weekend crews began pumping oil from that stricken ship. officials say, though, it will take 28 consecutive days of pumping to empty the 500,000 gallons of fuel on that ship. and with that here now is a look at your monday forecast. some showers from san francisco to san diego. some mountain snow in southern california. the sierra range. nevada and utah. nearly two feet of snow, meanwhile, in the colorado rockies. rain for shreveport, new orleans, and corpus christi. and a chilly morning actually down in florida.
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>> 70 in miami. that's not that chilly, is it? 50 in atlanta. 41 in new york. mostly 30s from detroit to minneapolis. phoenix gets up to 68. sacramento 56. and seattle 48. mostly 40s in the rockies. well, carnival is getting started in party spots all over the world. >> you wish you were there. >> my favorite time of year. thousands of people gathered in historic st. mark's square in venice this weekend. many of them were dressed in some traditional costumes, and plenty of colorful masks as well. >> one of the highlights was the flight of the angel in which a local beauty contest winner descends from the bell tower on top of the basilica. i am petrified of heights. that would never go over. after her flight this year's angel said her legs were shaking but she'd do it again. whoa, didn't need to see that. glad she's got her little bloomers on. >> enjoy the view at the basilica. we'll be back with more "world news now" after this. [ female announcer ] removing facial hair can be irritating.
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♪ and i ♪ will always love you ♪ i will always love you imagine the radio play that song's going to have over the next couple of weeks. unbelievable. welcome back, everybody. you know what the big story is already. the entertainment industry's outpouring of remembrances for whitney houston have been completely overwhelming since saturday night. >> and that song, "i will always love you," i will always love that song. i think that's the favorite song for a lot of people out there. well, music veteran diddy spoke for so many saying, "whitney houston, simply put, had the greatest voice in the world." and she truly did. how others remembered her now from abc's linsey davis. ♪ and i >> reporter: it was at his pre-grammys party in 1983 when clive davis first introduced
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whitney houston to the music world. and it was the same event last night where the legendary producer celebrated her life. >> and she had a talent beyond compare. >> reporter: family, friends, and fans all sharing one voice. oprah winfrey tweeted, "to me whitney was the voice. we got to hear a part of god every time she sang." >> whitney houston! >> reporter: dolly parton, who presented a grammy award to houston, offered this. "mine is only one of the millions of hearts broken over the death of whitney houston." more than a voice, she was the inspiration for a new generation. >> talking about whitney. and i'd be like -- ♪ i wanna dance with somebody >> reporter: and from mariah carey -- ♪ and it's easy to give in who joined forces with houston after once rivaling her on the pop charts. she tweeted, "she will never be forgotten as one of the greatest voices to ever grace the earth." and then there was this from barbra streisand. "how sad her gifts could not
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bring her the same happiness they brought us." a chorus of mourning for the loss of one of the greats. ♪ linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> i think barbra's statement swaz so profound. also her mother cissy released a statement overt weekend saying, "we are devastated by the loss of our beloved whitney. this is an unimaginable tragedy and we will miss her greatly. we appreciate the outpouring of love and support from her fans and her friends." a mother deeply in grief right now releasing that statement over the weekend. a lot of love for whitney right now. coming up next, the grammy awards vgs pay tribute last night to whitney houston. >> from prayers to a heart-stopping performance. we're going to take you live to l.a. next on "world news now." ♪ will always love you
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♪ how will i know if he really loves me ♪ ♪ i say a prayer with every heartbeat ♪ ♪ i fall in love whenever we meet ♪ ♪ i'm asking you don't you know about these things ♪ i love that last picture. the 54th annual grammy awards are officially in the books but of course the entire event overshadowed by the death of whitney houston. >> our movie and music consultant bruno granado was at the staples center. he joins us now by phone. and bruno, the death of whitney houston overshadowed the grammys, did it someone. >> yes, paula. good evening, paula and rob. everything was oversmad oed. the minute news broke over twitter yesterday at 3:55 pacific standard time everything basically went into this weird twilight zone where people thought it was just a rumor. then the next thing was is it true? is it the party she was supposed to sing at, is that going to be cancelled? what's going to happen to the
3:18 am
show? everything went into a tailspin just because we're talking about whitney houston. this is loyalty. this is america's sweetheart. from the minute she set foot on the stage in 1985 america's been in love with this girl. we've always rooted for her. >> and right from the beginning we saw the tribute pouring in. l.l. cool j was the host last night. he didn't waste any time kind of setting the tone. this was in a way still whitney's night. >> oh, yes. he struck the right tone. and he paid tribute to whitney without letting her tragic passing overshadow the event. >> and jennifer hudson, just phenomenal, stunning tribute to whitney. just an amazing performance right there. but you could tell that she was emotional as well. seems like she might be the one to carry that torch next. >> yes. she was the only one who could possibly attempt to cover "i will always love you." she did a great job, paula. but she could not top whitney's vocal prowess on this.
3:19 am
you could see it from the stage. jennifer was nervous. but even then, whitney was just so amazing vocally. it's so impossible to top her. you could imitate her but you could never duplicate her. >> it was nice to see a real singer up there. whitney was a true talent. so is jennifer. she did nail it, though. let's talk about the rest of the night. obviously beyond the passing of whitney houston. it was one woman's night. this was adele's night, bottom line. >> oh, my god, rob. it was adele's night for sure. she was nominated for six and won six out of six. so clean sweep for her. this is a not so skinny brit when karl lagerfeld a couple weeks ago said some nasty things about with a booming voice who just totally came up out of nowhere three years ago and is now sitting on top of the world. she is probably right now not only the best-selling artist in the world because her album has sold over 17 million cds, but next week her album will probably spend the 20th week at number 1. duplicating whitney houston's
3:20 am
"bodyguard" soundtrack which was the last album to spend 20 weeks at number one. >> and such a boisterous, beautiful voice adele has. and she was back on stage for the first time since her surgery. what did you think about that voice? >> paula, the minute adele was on stage and started singing you could hear a pin drop. even the twitter chatter stopped. everyone just for 3 1/2 minutes was -- their eyes were just watching this girl singing. and she totally tore the place up. it was incredible. her song "rolling in the deep" is amazing. it's such a tremendous song about heartbreak. and people love her because her words are so real and that comes across when you see her sing live. >> she got all the big awards. all six she was nominated for last night. as l.l. cool j said at the beginning, adele, welcome back. what a welcome it was. what did you think of the rest of the performances last night? some interesting ones. >> i've got to tell you, there
3:21 am
were a lot of interesting new artists going in. nicki minaj. everyone was talking about chris brown coming back to perform after three years. we know what happened three years ago. but it was the old-timers who stole the show. springsteen opened the show with "we take care of our own." mccartney closed with a song from "band on the run." tony bennett, glen campbell, the beach boys. they totally upstaged the new generation of singers. which leads me to think where is the new springsteen and new mccartney, where is the new tony bennett? what's going to happen 10, 20 years from now? >> how do you describe the performance by nicki minaj? maybe in one word. >> weird. >> that sums it up, my friend. >> is there a point? >> it was kind of crazy. let's take it back to whitney. 30 seconds left. what do you think her legacy will be? and who is the next kind of whitney in training to take that baton from her? who do you think? >> tonight the only one we could think about was adele and jennifer hudson. they're the only ones that can do it. but whitney will be -- her music will live for us 50, 100 years from now we'll still be listening to whitney houston, rob. >> absolutely. a true talent and a legend. so many before her gone way, way too soon. bruno, we know you're there in the airport. thank you for joining us in the middle of the night here.
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as always always, we appreciate it. bruno del granado. have a safe ride home, my friend. >> thank you, paula. thank you, rob. >> we'll have more when we come back. stay with us, everybody. friend. >> thank you, paula. thank you, rob. >> we'll have more when we come back. stay with us, everybody. [ male announcer ] for a better-looking tomorrow. vicks nyquil cold & flu. the nighttime sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, fever, best sleep you ever got with a cold...medicine. [ deep breath ] ♪ 1, 2, 3, 4 ♪ [ laughter ] [ male announcer ] vicks dayquil. defeats 5 cold & flu symptoms. ♪ it doesn't cover everything. and what it doesn't cover can cost you some money. that's why you should consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. all medicare supplement plans can help pay some of what medicare doesn't, so you could save up to thousands of dollars in out of pocket expenses.
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♪ give me one moment in time ♪ give me one moment in time ♪ when i'm more than i thought i could be ♪ just hit after hit after hit. >> that's my favorite whitney song. >> really? >> "one moment in time." lyrically beautiful. yeah. >> one of the most amazingly distinct voices of our generation, really any generation for that matter. whitney, she could belt those notes out. >> she had the pipes, man. and to end this half hour, some of herr most familiar and unmistakable songs. take a listen. ♪ but i know ♪ i know ♪ where i'm going
3:26 am
♪ so i'm saving all my love for you ♪ ♪ oh, i wanna dance with somebody ♪ ♪ i wanna feel the heat with somebody ♪ ♪ you give good love to me ♪ it's never ♪ too much ♪ i get so emotional, baby ♪ every time i think of you ♪ i'm every woman ♪ it's all in me ♪ anything you want done baby ♪ ooh, tell me, how will i know ♪ ♪ don't trust your feelings ♪ how will i know ♪ i have nothing, nothing, nothing ♪ ♪ if i don't have you
3:27 am
♪ i found the greatest love of all inside of me ♪ ♪ and the home of the brave ♪ and i ♪ will always love you ♪ will always will love you ♪ >> and certainly whitney houston made that dolly parton song a mega, mega hit. for all you music trivia folks out there, that song spent 14 weeks at number 1, it was a record at the time. and then that record was broke
3:28 am
won 1992 by the boyz ii men hit
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3:30 am
♪ because the greatest love of ♪ because the greatest love of all ♪ this morning on "world news now" -- final performance. whitney houston's last appearance on a los angeles stage just before last night's grammy awards goes down in history. >> and performers remember a singer with unmatchable talent but also problems in the end she simply could not overcome. it is monday february 13th. and good monday morning, everyone. i'm paula faris. >> oh, that voice. that voice. good morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. we have extensive coverage of whitney houston's death this half hour. but here's what we know as things stand right now.
3:31 am
the medical examiner says she did die in the bathtub of her hotel room. the toxicology tests from her autopsy may not come back for as long as two months. lots of questions and concerns about what that report may ultimately show. >> and her only child, daughter bobbi kristina, was released from the hospital after going to the hospital twice after she was overcome by anxiety yesterday. her father, whitney houston's ex, bobby brown, he is now in l.a. after canceling his concerts. >> doing a new edition reunion tour but now back in l.a. to comfort his daughter. and clearly she needs that support right now. absolutely. also in this half hour whitney houston's very revealing and extremely controversial at the time interview with diane sawyer nearly ten years ago in fact. what she said that night about her drug use and her personal demons will strike you as eerily familiar as we replay that interview this morning. >> and who could forget whitney houston when she was at the top of her game? nobody, and i mean nobody could belt out the national anthem
3:32 am
quite like this. i know i went to youtube just to listen to that anthem a couple times last night. and amazing. >> the nation was less than two weeks into a war. it was that voice matching that moment at that event. just a great slice of americana. another testimony to just how talented that woman was. >> she made it seem like it was effortless, too. >> yes, she did. like it was nothing. that's how good she was. >> a breeze. >> unbelievable. but first, houston's former husband, bobby brown, arrived in los angeles overnight to be at his daughter's side as she tries to cope with her mother's sudden death. >> houston's remarkable career was remembered last night of course at the grammys. more on that coming up in just a few seconds. but now we begin with kabc's lee ann suter. she has this report from los angeles. >> reporter: showing the crowd she still had it, whitney houston seen in this exclusive video had just performed last week at an l.a. club. the l.a. coroner's office completed its autopsy on the
3:33 am
iconic singer. >> it was concluded today. there will be no cause of death at this time because it is pending toxicology. and that could take up to six to eight weeks. >> reporter: no details on the findings are being released due to a security hold by beverly hills police as they continue their investigation into houston's death. authorities say the 48-year-old was found dead in the bathtub of her hotel room at the beverly hilton. according to sources, some prescription pill bottles were also found in her room. investigators don't know yet if drugs may have played a part in the singer's death. houston has battled addiction. >> it's a shame the troubled lifestyle that she led might have led her to this tragic situation. but she still, regardless, had an amazing voice. >> reporter: a day after houston was found dead at the hotel, her 18-year-old daughter bobbi kristina was rushed out by paramedics after collapsing. she was taken to cedars-sinai
3:34 am
medical center. fans who have been gathering outside the hotel say it's all so devastating. >> i play all of her music. so it was like a shock and it's like a part of me torn. >> it's really sad and surprising. i grew up listening to her music and, you know, i just can't believe she's gone. >> that was leanne suter reporting from los angeles. houston was remembered during sunday's services in l.a., led by reverend al sharpton. sharpton, a baptist minister, called for a national day of prayer in memory of houston. sharpton said decades from now people will have forgotten houston's problems but they will long remember that remarkable, remarkable voice. indeed. and you think back, you know, just in terms of what she accomplished in her career, how many people we have lost to drugs and alcohol. i made a list. just listen to this list for a second. marilyn monroe, john belushi, jimi hendrix, river phoenix, corey haim, heath ledger, chris farley, amy winehouse, michael jackson, anna nicole smith, judy garland, elvis, dorothy dandridge, gerald levert, billy holiday, jim morrison, janis joplin. every generation has a figure like this who just can't beat their demons. it doesn't seem to get any better. it's that life they lead. >> a lot of super bowl champs have that problem, too.
3:35 am
you reach the pinnacle, the top of your career, and you're always trying to figure out what's next. you really can't get any higher. and a lot of times you think that they would have everything, fame, fortune, success, and -- >> they're still human. >> they're still human. and you know what? the more you have to lose, the more you're going to be attacked, too. >> it's a shame. so many lives gone too soon. >> yep. now to another major headline this morning. the president outlines his big budget plans today before sending it on to congress. it should call for reducing the deficit by $4 trillion over the next decade. president obama wants to cut medicare and medicaid by $360 billion. he also wants to increase taxes for the wealthy. he's proposing $475 billion for infrastructure projects and another $350 billion to create jobs and stimulate the economy. also today the 22 countries of the arab league will ask the -- all united nations members to send peacekeepers into syria. new amateur video from homs
3:36 am
shows the government's assault there simply has not stopped. that city is now in ruins. in one break, though, in the fighting hundreds of people came out of hiding to line up for bread. the arab league says it is no longer okay to stand by and simply watch that bloodshed. former penn state assistant coach jerry sandusky is expected to find out today whether he will be able to see his grandchildren. sandusky is under house arrest as he awaits his trial on child molestation charges. a judge had ruled earlier that he not be permitted to be around his own grandchildren as a condition of his bail. and that's video of him at his home. in other news this morning they are searching a landfill near seattle for clues in the josh powell case. investigators are acting on a tip that powell disposed of something at that dump a day before the fire that of course killed him and his two little boys. those two little boys were remembered at funeral services over the weekend. europe's bitter cold streak and record-setting snow triggered a deadly avalanche in a remote mountain village in
3:37 am
kosovo. but after shoveling through 30 feet of snow, rescuers cheering, look at this. when they pulled a 5-year-old girl out alive. oh, poor sweetie. she had been buried in her crushed home for more than ten hours. but sadly, her parents and at least seven of her relatives did not survive. >> awful story. well, here is your monday forecast. you're going to see snow in southern california's mountains. showers from san fran down to san diego. heavy snow in the colorado rockies. a few inches from san antonio to dallas. oklahoma city, st. louis, omaha, and chicago. ice in memphis and rain in corpus christi. >> a wet 61 in new orleans. 53 in dallas. 40s from boston to baltimore. 30s in kansas city and the twin cities. 27 in fargo. and 40s across the rockies. and a fun flashback in
3:38 am
dallas over the weekend with plenty of love, peace, and soul to go around. >> yes indeed. dancers gathered to pay tribute to late "soul train" founder don cornelius. they were hoping to create the longest soul train line ever. people of all ages strutted their stuff. unfortunately, they did fall a little short of breaking the world record. >> they seemed to have fun, though. they reminisced about watching "soul train" for the latest moves and fashion. i always went there for -- i loved the fashion. >> really? >> didn't necessarily replicate but i always loved it. >> can't wait to see your '70s outfit tomorrow. >> you want to see it? >> we'll be back right after this. ♪ people all over the world ♪ join hands ♪ it's called the love train ♪ love train ♪
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♪ ♪ it's not right ♪ it's not right ♪ but it's okay ♪ i'm going to make it anyway ♪ pack your things welcome back, everyone.
3:42 am
now to that interview whitney houston did back in 2002 ten years ago with our diane sawyer. in it she talked about her addictions as well as her erratic behavior. >> this is a very famous interview. diane also asked her about her physical appearance at that time. the interview comes from the abc news vault from december 4th, 2002. >> you know that as we sit here and talk -- >> yeah. >> -- everybody watching this -- >> yeah. >> -- is going to be staring at you physically. >> yeah. >> and they're going to be saying, how thin is she now? >> yeah. >> how -- how many bones can we see? is she sick? and how sick is she? >> i'm not sick, diane. i am not sick. let's get that straight. i am not sick. okay? i've always been a thin girl. i'm not going to be fat ever. let's get that straight. whitney is not going to be fat
3:43 am
ever. okay? >> the michael jackson vh1 appearance. i'm going to show you the picture. >> well, that's a bad shot. >> well, it may be a bad shot. but this is real. i mean, the bones. that's real. >> yeah. my bones, yeah. i'm 5'7" and thin. i can understand what you mean. >> anorexia. >> no way. >> they've written it. >> no way. >> bulimia. >> no way. >> that it's because of drugs? >> no. mm-mm. i grant you, i party. but there have been times when i know i've been going through a lot of emotional stress and my eating habits were awful. >> whitney dying, crack rehab fails. >> first of all, let's get one thing straight. crack is cheap. i make too much money to ever smoke crack. let's get that straight. okay?
3:44 am
we don't do crack. we don't do that. crack is wack. it wasn't always about the drug. i would stay in my room for days. for days at times just trying to get it together to know what my next phase was going to be. >> in the mid '90s you said, "i feel old." >> yeah. like i've been through a world of a lifetime of stuff. >> and that it just wasn't any fun anymore. >> mm-mm. no. i enjoy what i do. i love to sing, but it's just not fun anymore. >> i want to ask you about the cancellations. >> how many? do you know how many? look at my record. see the concerts i've done and see how many i've canceled in the 17 years of my career and add it up. >> but there are some high-profile things you didn't show for. >> true. >> for instance, not showing up for a tribute to her old mentor clive davis after he'd been forced out of arista --
3:45 am
♪ -- leaving her on her own. >> i cried. i cried. they just all of a sudden say one day he's not there, he's gone. that hurt a lot. >> but not showing up for clive. >> oh. yeah. that was between him and i. we won't discuss it. >> but what about the most famous no-show at all? at the 2000 oscars. reportedly after botching her songs during rehearsal. >> okay. the academy awards. >> okay. i was fired from the gig. i didn't mind. i really didn't want to do it anyway. but i was -- i'm past that, and it's over now. >> why were you fired? >> because i was not getting along with the guy that was directing the whole thing. who i've known since i was a kid. >> i think you said laryngitis at the time. i don't think that's what you said. >> it was my -- i had bronchitis, and i asked him just for a day just to get it together. and i was kind of pissed off. and i had an attitude about it. and rightfully so. you know, i should not have been
3:46 am
on the show. and they fired me. and that was it. and i went home. >> and that's all there was? >> that i can remember. >> people were saying that sometimes you just didn't -- you didn't seem there. >> really? >> yeah. >> i probably wasn't. >> looking back, do you apologize? do you -- >> yeah, there are things i apologize for. but the things i apologize for, like my concert dates, those are things i apologize for because the people really matter to me. they matter to me. and i know they came out to see me. and i apologize for that. i'll make it up to you. >> so funny to hear an interview after someone's gone. people remember that interview for two things. one, the crack is wack line. that was a heavily mocked line. and two, diane once asked her it's reported you spent more than 700,000 bucks on drugs. and she said show me the
3:47 am
receipt, show me the drug dealer that -- and people were like -- >> you don't usually get a receipt. >> yeah, you don't get a receipt. it was a little bit of insight into her life and the demons she was battling. didn't sound good in that interview. a look back ten years ago. coming up, special remembrances of whitney houston at the grammy awards. >> and last night's big grammy winners all next coming up in "the skinny." remembrances of whitney houston at the grammy awards. >> and last night's big grammy winners all next coming up in "the skinny."
3:48 am
3:49 am
♪ skinny ♪ so skinny so of course the grammys were all about paying tribute to whitney houston. but at the same time this was adele's night. >> owned it. she owned it. >> she batted 1.000. 6 for 6. won every award she was up for. we even got to hear her perform live for the first time since undergoing surgery on her vocal cords. she won album of the year. she said the album is based on something that everyone's been through, a rubbish relationship. >> we all can relate.
3:50 am
>> yes, we can. but she scored again, like i said, 6 for 6. all six categories. here's what she won. pop vocal album, best pop solo vocal performance, short form music video, record of the year, song of the year. and again, just that voice was back in her first performance since undergoing surgery. >> sounded great. welcome back, adele. >> also tony bennett won for his collaboration with amy winehouse, the late amy winehouse. and kind of a special moment with her parents during the ceremony's preshow segment. again, he won for best pop performance by a duo or group for that duet with amy. and he invited her parents back. and mitch winehouse, her father, also noted whitney houston, her death saturday and the recent passing of etta james. he said, "what can i say? there's a beautiful girl band up in heaven." >> etta, whitney and amy, hard to beat that trio. a lot of talent there in heaven. of course the emotional part of the night came when jennifer hudson performed her tribute. she sang. as soon as you heard those first few notes of "i will always love you," she gave a very emotional,
3:51 am
you could tell a heartfelt rendition of that song. and even at some points it looked like she was fighting back tears. whitney was a mentor to her. jennifer did. she really stole the show. jennifer did a wonderful job. if there's an heir apparent to whitney houston jennifer proved once again why she's it. a lot of folks gave her a shout out. l.l. cool j, rihanna, stevie wonder. a lot of people. all weekend there's been extensive coverage of her passing. in case you wanted to catch more there are radio stations throughout the country that are going all whitney 24 hours. b.e.t. will air a special monday from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. lifetime will reshow "the bodyguard" which of course made that song famous. mtv's doing video blocks in the morning from 6:00 to 9:00. vh1 airing specials all throughout the week. and of course oprah who did whitney's last big in-depth interview, they're going to air the whole two-hour special again on thursday on oprah's network. again, that's thursday. the interview from back in september of 2009. some say the most revealing of
3:52 am
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and finally this half hour, definiight have been one of the and finally this half hour, what might have been one of the defining moments of whitney houston's musical career, it came with the nation at war and the entire world, almost a billion people watching. >> that was definitely one of those goose bump moments, one
3:56 am
that you'll never forget. it was late january 1991. her stirring rendition of the national anthem before super bowl xxv. here's abc's david muir. >> reporter: our country was just ten days into the first gulf war, a nation on edge even on a night when football is our escape. super bowl 1991. and one voice united us all. ♪ oh, say can you see 750 million watching worldwide. but it was the end of that anthem that brought us to our feet. ♪ oh say does that star-spangled ♪ ♪ banner yet wave ♪ o'er the land of the free ♪ and the home of the brave
3:57 am
>> what a moment for her. a moment for the country. that voice. in case you're wondering why her death is such a big deal, listen to some of the numbers that quantify her success a little bit. in her life she won two emmys, six grammys, 30 billboard music awards, 22 american music awards, more than 170 million albums, singles, and videos sold worldwide. best-selling single by a female artist ever, "i will always love you." the only female act in the top 10 best-selling albums of all time. 12 number 1 singles. 25 top 10 singles. 14 total albums throughout her career. >> 415 awards. most awarded artist in history. >> and another quick fact. was the first african-american woman to appear on the cover of "seventeen" magazine november 1981. she did it all. ♪ nothing, if i don't have you
3:58 am
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